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  • To build national health area To build this livable city
  • He Yousheng research logistics base development and construction
  • Comrade Song Kui operations research logistics base in construction projects
  • Guo-rong xin and south China city holdings co., LTD., executive director and trinh tung hing, chairman of the group discussion
  • Logistics base company, at the second west section“Lu Haixin channel”Special recommendation
  • District association of south-east Asian nations (asean) in the city“GuanZhongGuan”In the second session of west section will appear
  • Chun-ping zhang work in research logistics base to carry out the safety in production during the Spring Festival holiday
  • Neng-bing hu led research sympathy logistics base in south China city project
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  Highway logistics base in chongqing2009Years7To set up,Locate the national road transport hub、Chongqing trade logistics new town in the south、New international sea trade channels important node,Are identified as logistics park in chongqing、Chongqing characteristic industrial park service trade、Modern logistics cluster demonstration area in chongqing and Singapore(Chongqing)Strategic interconnectivity agglomeration demonstration area demonstration project transportation logistics field。Logistics base planning area of about30Square kilometers,Focus on e-commerce、Professional market、Comprehensive modern logistics、International trade logistics,Predicts2020Years will implement the total investment of super500One hundred million yuan、Annual sales revenue1000One hundred million yuan、About tax year10—15One hundred million yuan,To provide jobs5—10A。Chongqing highway logistics base in the east of yuxiang highway,Yu qian highway is in the west,Inner ring expressway in the north,The south around,Through the highway network and the urban rapid road can reach you within half an hour from downtown area;The railway is under construction the southeast loop line north of highway logistics base set up passenger station in chongqing,Traffic location advantage is very obvious。

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