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Installation plan

To become the first brand of household central air-conditioning installation
1The refrigeration principle of air conditioning

Refrigerating agent within the evaporator absorbs heat,Temperature rise into superheated steam,Repeated cycle into the compressor

To absorb the latent heat of vaporization of liquid process,And liquid pressure difference,Its saturation temperature(The boiling point)Is also different,The lower the pressure,The lower the saturation temperature

2Choose the matters needing attention of air conditioning

According to the power matching220VOr380V,Select the central air conditioning

According to the purpose and function of the room,Select the central air conditioning energy control

Attention to the brand household central air-conditioning installation unit,A factory has to choose has the production base,So that the service guaranteed

3Compressor high revolutions,Refrigeration capacity is big

Refrigeration compressor is vapor compression refrigeration device is an important equipment

The effect of centrifugal compressor by centrifugal force,Continuously to the suction gas compression

4Beautiful shape、High efficiency and energy saving

Using the design method of the central air conditioning,Air output,Supply air temperature difference is small,Room temperature uniformity

In the summer,Refrigeration unit operation,Implement cold

Adopting modular host,According to set the automatic adjust refrigerating capacity

5Household central air conditioner installation is convenient、Wide range of application

Widely used in temperature、Humidity accuracy is not high、The room number、The room is small、Require a separate control of comfort air conditioning

Fresh air after focus on air conditioning room of fresh air,Through specialized fresh air duct into the air conditioning room respectively,To meet the requirement of air conditioning room

6Perfect after-sales

After sales2The service response within hours,12Processed within hours

Its product distribution team,The inventory is complete,Ensure timely to meet customer demand

After the product shipped,In case of quality problem free replacement

Technical experience,Let you have no trouble back at home
Company profile
Shandong zhong an electrical appliances co., LTD
Shandong zhong an electrical appliances co., LTD. Is a air conditioning、Ventilation,Design、Production、Sales、The installation、Maintenance is a body enterprise。Company's main large central air conditioning、Ventilation engineering design sales and installation,As well as residential buildings and underground garage ventilation and fire smoke、Civil air defense ventilation、Purification engineering, etc。Rely on science and technology for development,Continuing to provide users with high-tech products,Is our constant pursuit。Company with a number of well-known national brand air-conditioning manufacturers to establish long-term strategic cooperative partnership,Sales of air conditioners are widely used in office buildings、The hospital、The gym、The school、The bank、The mall、Pharmaceutical、Textiles、Chemical industry、Electrons、Large public places, etc,Get a good customer for sure。Company production of various fan、Ventilation pipe, etc. Series products are widely used in residential buildings,The underground garage and enterprise workshop and so on many fields。With affordable products and the exquisite technical service by the user's consistent high praise。Company to jining for sales center, radiation surrounding provinces,Successively in Beijing,Hebei,Henan,Anhui province,Jiangsu and other provinces and cities large central air conditioning and ventilation sales installation project,To obtain the good reputation and word-of-mouth。In any city government,Changan district,Xing Tang Guocui city,The city of spring,Jining city yifeng era,Zoucheng city spring furniture city,Jining xing tang tower,Jining hundred fung building such as air-conditioning and ventilation program has also been rated as excellent project。Company in line with company leaders centered,Build a culture,Has the compassion,There are professional,Have discipline,With honor,Pursuit of six teams。Jung an employee pursues today“And progress Strives for realism Rigorous Unity”The guidelines,Constantly blaze new trails,With technology as the core、Depending on the quality of life、The user for god,We sincerely provide you with high quality engineering design installation and meticulous after-sales service,Do you side of central air conditioning、Ventilation engineering custom experts。
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