JiangThe spring on the west the fogTea industry co., LTDIs a professional fromThe tea plant,Processing,Storage,Branding and marketing,Tea culture promotion in one of the provincial leading enterprises。
    The eyeThe former,The company has1000Mu above600To900Meters high mountain tea garden,Has now passed the certification of organic tea plantingTea garden is located in lushan scenic area mound mountainsWithin the territory of mountains green jade,OnionsYu of primitive simplicity,The annual average temperature15.7℃,The air is fresh、The water clean,The forest area is large,High coverage,Lush vegetation,The water qualityClear。Su shiSwim castle peakWrite down“With the peak、Narrow winding pathCharge half scenery,No water is not hidden dragon”Through the agesAbsolutelyA sentence

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